What is agile-ox?

Due to lack of funding, the agile-ox project is currently on hold.  If you have any queries, please contact ian.curtis@eci.ox.ac.uk.


Agile-ox is a project based at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, working to increase the use and usefulness of the University’s environmental research in Oxfordshire and beyond.

Environmental challenges abound. But the wealth of cutting-edge work in Oxfordshire across the academic, professional and community sectors is reason for optimism. By joining the dots between research(ers) and the people creating and managing the county’s environmental future, we hope to create new partnerships for collaboration around the county’s most pressing challenges (we call these ‘hot topics’).

agile-ox is all about buzz – the buzz of hot topics, the buzz of cutting edge research, the buzz of new connections and new ways of working, and the buzz of creating a more future-ready county: an agile Oxfordshire.

The agile-ox project shares aspects of current and past research, and fosters interaction between researchers and Oxfordshire people. We bring together interested individuals and community enterprises, business leaders, planners and politicians – everyone who has a stake in the local environment.

We believe this will make Oxfordshire a better place to live and work, a place where environmental considerations are woven through all aspects of our lives – leisure, enterprise, family, housing, transport. Oxfordshire will be agile and ready to tackle the future.

We are doing this in four ways:


– doing market research and mapping the Oxfordshire scene
– finding out who’s who and what their current needs and priorities are
– identifying the county’s current environmental challenges and opportunities are (the ‘hot topics’)
– identifying current university research which could be useful to Oxfordshire
– identifying synergies and opportunities for increased collaboration


– introducing and connecting people across our networks, and supporting and reinvigorating existing relationships, through meetings and events


– signposting relevant research, identifying and sizing opportunities for research to become used and useful


– initiating meetings and facilitating events to encourage networking – including 121 meetings between researchers and local stakeholders, and organising a whole host of larger events – see the event calendar for what is coming up

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Upcoming Events

  1. She is Sustainable Oxfordshire
    16th March 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 17th March 2017 @ 2:00 pm

About Agile-Ox

Agile ox

Due to lack of funding, the agile-ox project is currently on hold. If you have any queries, please contact ian.curtis@eci.ox.ac.uk.

agile-ox is a project based at the Environmental Change Institute, working to connect environmental research(ers) from the University of Oxford with others across Oxfordshire, to increase opportunities for collaboration and maximise our contribution to the county’s environmental futures.