Hot topics

What are the hot topics?

In this section of the website, we explore some of the biggest environmental challenges currently facing the county, many of which have a direct or indirect daily impact on the lives of its residents.

These topics have emerged through meetings with a range of local stakeholders, including local government, business leaders, social enterprise groups, university researchers, and interested individuals. The list is evolving and is by no means finished, with both new topics and new information about existing topics appearing all the time.

With each topic listed below, we contextualise the developing content (in the form of news and event links at the bottom of each page) with a brief ‘local lens’ introduction to the area and a summary of some of the relevant recent and ongoing university research.

Looking for information about a topic not listed below?  Have some news or information about a hot topic which we haven’t picked up on? Could we link to relevant research (by you or someone else) in a topic below? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.